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Dec 14, 2012 7:00am PST
. there is our american hero. with all his friends, captain gerardo garcia. he's been serving in afghanistan. he's been gone from his family for months. he thinks he's going to give a shoutout to his fellow troops in afghanistan and iraq. there's his family right there. andrea and his three, little kids. he has no idea he's going to be reunited with them this morning. and we cannot wait. >> they can't hear the show right now. >> exactly. >> don't text them. nobody let them know. >> we're going to get to that. >>> we have a lot of breaking news overnight. including, you know, as the crisis in syria escalates, the u.s. is spending patriot missiles and troops to the syrian border with turkey. right now, martha raddatz will be here with more on that. >>> and barbara walters, bringing us her exclusive with the president and first lady. they rarely appear together for an interview. but they did for barbara. we'll hear their message, special message for robin. >>> let's get right to josh elliott for the pair of powerful earthquakes off the coast of california. >>> a powerful earthquaking rattling build
Dec 14, 2012 2:30pm PST
. it was the home of the first blues festival. given the fact that jerry garcia used to play in this park, he was from this neighborhood, everybody knows his reputation. we thought what a great thing it would be to have an ampitheater named after jerry garcia. that is a name that has panache. it brings people from all over the bay area to the ampitheater. the calls that come in, we'd like to do a concert at the jerry garcia ampitheater and we do everything we can to accommodate them and help them because it gets people into the park. people like a lot of color and that's what they call a park. other people don't. you have to try to reconcile all those different points of view. what should a park look like and what should it have? should it be manicured, should it be nice little cobblestones around all of the paths and like that. the biggest objective of course is getting people into the park to appreciate open space. whatever that's going to take to make them happy, to get them there, that's the main goal. if it takes a planter with flowers and stuff like that, fine. you know, so what? people
Dec 13, 2012 6:00pm PST
permite obtener permiso de trabajo y deshacerse del temor a la deportacion... sonia garcia/tiene 15 anos yo se que me va a poder ayudar a poder trabajar y eso es bueno porque mi familia no gana mucho para ayudarles a integrarse de forma plena a la vida economica y laboral del pais, el asambleista de california roger hernandez introdujo el proyecto ab35 que clarifica que estos jovenes tienen derecho a una ---a partir del primero de febrero del proximo aÑo.... take vo ....el servicio de ciudadania e inmigracion, aumentara sus cuotas para el procesamient o de los extranjeros que soliciten la residencia permanente. ---para simplificar el tramite al recibir el paquete de visado, los solicitantes tendran que hacer el pago de la cuota por medio de la pagina de internet de la agencia. ---este nuevo cobro es en adicion a las otros re- cargos que se cobran en la solicitud de visa. ---esto afectar a casi medio millon de solicitantes. blanca ---al parecer, los agentes de policia de oakland hacen hoy menos detenciones que hace 3 aÑos. take vo ---segun datos entregados por la agencia al periodico "s
Dec 14, 2012 1:30pm PST
garcia and now presently richard carranza. i would say again to my colleagues and the school board, it's been a real pleasure to work with people. we don't always agree. we don't necessarily think that we have to go in the same direction -- not the same direction, but for us to have our arguments and overall i always felt every single one of you have cared about what happens to students, have cared about our staff, and that because of the common ground we are able to work with leadership and the rest of the people that i just described to move us further along. i really, really appreciate the way we have been working for the -- at least the last four years, the last eight years, moving from one level to another. we're at the level where we can sit down and discuss and agree and come up with consensus. and you know something? that just does not happen on every school board. so we should all be proceed of that and i want to acknowledge matt haney for coming into this family of elected school board members and hopefully you will get the spirit of all of this. and i would say one last
Dec 13, 2012 11:30pm PST
of the challenges you ran into and how were you able to overcome them and i'll start with major garcia. so one of -- we're going it talk about challenges but also the good things. i want to mention that throughout this planning effort we've been planning since may but we literally got on the ground probably monday, most of us, and then on tuesday we threw all our equipment into different sites and turned it on and we had connectivity, one way or the other. i think one of our challenges, i know for my group, i was out at pier 96, we were supposed to connect into the data network and my marines had a very small footprint, small suitcase, we weren't able to actually connect to the cloud and be able to send reports via web voc using an ip network. the good thing, however, how we overcame that challenge and i think it was a very good planning consideration, was that at each of the sites we had an element either from the national guard or air national guard or the department of public works acu one thousand van and they pretty much made up the backbone of that network. the point i'm trying to make
Dec 14, 2012 7:00am PST
llegan estrellas también llegan gael garcia bernal, sofia castro revelacion en las novelas, y más en directo desde la casa de la madre de jenni rivera. ya volvemos a despierta américa su mejor manera de comenzar su mañana ♪. <>>mire nada más, como les dije hace rato, esta ya aquí ingrid hoffman que nos trae una receta perfecta en esta época de navidad, como estas >>muy contenta de estar aquí y compartir, estas son ideas fáciles economicas para compartir en familia queso blanco, queso fresco le taje lo rellene con mermelada >>que divino >>aquí tenemos mermelada de m oras o fresasl. lo que gustes >>este tema es que reúne, para hacerlo no se necesita demasiado tenemos un poco de azucar con la mermelada, vamos a prenderlas, dejar que se enfrie y esto luego sera el relleno. aquí lo único que se necesita es un cuchillito si quieres usar un queso brie también lo puedes hacer >>ahora vamos a hacer la esquela, la forma, y después con paciencia se saca el pedazo de dentro. >>hasta que quede< así, ya ves. >>hay que hacerlo con cuidado para no partir el queso en la unión. >>ahor
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6